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Top Secret Amazon Group
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The Top Secret Amazon Group

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Why Sell on Amazon FBA?

When it comes to selling things online, the real question is, "Why NOT sell on Amazon?

You send your products to Amazon and list them on Amazon (to their 244 million customers), they ship them, and then they handle all the customer service for you. All of this is hands-free for you!


Here's who this Partners Group is for:

    1.  Amazon Sellers

    2.  Small Business Owners who want to extend into the physical products business

   3.   Entrepreneurs who have dreamed of creating an additional revenue stream

We am going to show you how to set up a simple Amazon FBA business and leverage the power of partnering with the #1 ecommerce solution online to handle all the packing, shipping, inventory, & customer service so you can focus on doing what you love; like spending time with your family while depositing healthy profits into your bank account!

How To Get Access To
The Top Secret Amazon Group

  1. Apply to join the "Top Secret Amazon Group"

     2.  Sign digital Non-Disclosure Agreement (NDA, agreeing you won't share anything outside the group)

     3.  Choose your Subscription (Monthly or Yearly)

4.  Lastly, you'll be redirected to send a "Group Invite Request" on Facebook. Since we manually approve all members please allow up to 24 hours for approval to the group.

Ready to get started? Yes!

Don’t Take Our Word For It

"I have been an entrepreneur all my life and have some great ideas for creating products... the problem about this is the limitation of being able to sell these products to a large enough customer base to make any real money.  THEN comes Zach with his training and experience about how to sell on Amazon using FBA (Fufillment by Amazon).  That opens up the whole world to me and my product ideas.  It's like having a whole staff for order taking, money collection, shipping, and customer service.  It is the solution I've been waiting for! 

Brenda Snider

New Amazon Seller from Lebanon Missouri

"Thanks to Zach's training, Ofi and I have been able to develop the belief and confidence we needed to start taking massive action and generate incredible results.  Just in the last 3 months we've profited $26,623.03!  We cannot say THANK YOU enough!

Will Rivera

Washington, DC

I joined Zach's group in November and my sales skyrocked because of all the inventory opportunities he provided to the members of this group.  I have been selling on Amazon for 2 years and have participated in many groups with other veteran sellers and no group comes close to the value Zach offers his members.  I profited over $4,000 in one month from the products I was able to purchase in his group.

Andy Slamans

Experienced Amazon Seller

Here's Exactly What You'll Get Inside The
 Top Secret Amazon Group

  • Access to 12+ Fast Start Training Videos showing exactly what to do during your first 30 days
  • NEW Scan Everything - Basic Course (learn the basics of selling on Amazon)
  • LIVE Weekly Webinars
  • Learn the tools you'll require to automate your business, and lifestyle so you can more easily achieve massive income and have lots more time with your family
  • Get all of this with Monthly access to the Private Facebook Group

Ready to enroll?

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Welcome to the family!

Cancel Anytime, but No Refunds for your current month or year of membership in the group.  We believe that getting real results (in FBA, or anything in life) takes a real commitment.  So if you're one of those people who likes to start and stop things frequently, then unfortunatly we can't help you.  Unless you're willing to work smart and hard for yourself, then this group isn't for you.

"Because we only want to work with people who are 100% committed to doing whatever it takes to Succeed!  If that's you, then great, let's get started!  If not then we can still be friends but this group isn't for you.

You'll get the training, community, & deals, but taking action & succeeding is 100% up to you.

I guarantee you'll be 100% enriched by this experience.  How's that for a 100% Personal Guarantee?


We look forward to guiding you to building a full-time-income with your own Amazon FBA business in the next several years.

Welcome to the group,

Gabe & Sara Strom